Beautifil II LS

Beautifil II LS

Low shrinking pasty composite for anterior and posterior restorations

Beautifil II LS (Low Shrinkage) has been developed based on the proven Beautifil II; it guarantees dentists low shrinkage and maximum aesthetics. The most remarkable feature of this pasty universal composite is its unique polymerisation shrinkage of just 0.85 percent by volume. In addition, its polishability is excellent, and it optimally matches the shade of the natural tooth structure.

The material contains bioactive S-PRG fillers acting as a sustainable source and reservoir of fluoride at the same time; they durably release and recharge this trace element depending on its concentration in the mouth – for a restorative treatment characterised by long-term stability and caries prevention. The use of Beautifil II LS in combination with the all-in-one adhesive BeautiBond, which is well-matched to the system, will further enhance the caries-preventive effect of the S-PRG filler technology.

Beautifil II LS features a well-balanced chameleon effect in both dentine and enamel, thanks to its natural light reflection. Furthermore, this light-cured universal composite can easily and quickly be polished to a long-lasting surface gloss.


  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations
  • Repairs of restorations and dentures


  • Low shrinkage (< 1 %) and shrinkage stress
  • Excellent polishability and long-lasting gloss
  • High abrasion resistance and antagonist-friendly surface hardness
  • Natural light transmission and diffusion
  • Sustainable fluoride release and recharge
  • Shade range identical with Beautifil II

Physical Properties
Polymerisation shrinkage: 0.85 % by volume according to ISO 17304:2013(E)
Shrinkage stress: 10.9 MPa
Compressive strength: 364 MPa
Flexural strength: 117 MPa
Vickers hardness: 46 HV
Wear: 1.41 % by wt.
Filler load: 82.9 % by wt.
Depth of cure: 2.4 mm
Radiopacity: 2.0 Al:mm

Product Overview

  • Beautifil II LS

    Bestell-Nr.: Y2270 - Y2283

    Syringe: 4 g

  • Beautifil II LS Tips

    Bestell-Nr.: Y2284 - Y2297

    20 tips 0,25 g each

  • Beautifil II LS


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Beautifil II LS

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Beautifil II LS

Safety Data Sheets

Beautifil II LS // Version 01


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Beautifil II LS - Haltbares Füllungsmaterial für Klasse-I- und Klasse-II-Kavitäten - Teil 02
Beautifil II LS - Direkte Reparatur von Verblendungen - Teil 03
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