Ceramosonic S

Ceramosonic S

Ultrasonic condensing unit for porcelain build-up

The Ceramosonic S generates high-frequency vibrations (28,000 vibrations / sec), thereby providing a directed condensation of moist porcelain particles, while the built-up layer with all details remains unchanged. Compared to a manual or mechanical condensation a considerably more homogeneous structure in the porcelain material is achieved.

Operating modes

  • Automatic mode: vibration continues for 5 seconds after touching the vibration platform
  • Standby mode: standby for 60 minutes
  • Continuous mode: continuous operation for 2 minutes


  • Better control during the build-up phase and condensation of the porcelain material
  • More brilliant colours by reduction of air inclusions
  • Identical thermal transmission of porcelain layers to the all-ceramic framework
  • Higher bonding strength on metal-ceramic and all-ceramic frameworks
  • Time saving by less shrinkage and fewer correction firings
  • Higher internal firmness of the porcelain layers

Ultrasonic condensing of the moist porcelain build-up before firing

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Ceramosonic S

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Ceramosonic S

Product Information

Ceramosonic S


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