Enamel Adjustment Kit

Enamel Adjustment Kit

For adjustment and systematic polishing of tooth enamel and porcelain

The Enamel Adjustment Kit is indispensable in the dental practice for very fine adjustments of natural dentition or porcelain restorations and subsequent high-gloss polish in the patient’s mouth.

The choice of shapes is particularly well suited for working on difficult to reach areas, such as interproximal areas or occlusion surfaces.

Dura-White: 1 each FL2, RD1, TC1
Ceramisté Standard: 1 each knife, wheel, bullet
Ceramisté Ultra: 1 each knife, wheel, bullet
Ceramisté Ultra II: 1 each knife, wheel, bullet

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  • Enamel Adjustment Kit


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Instructions for use

Instructions for use and safety precautions for rotary instruments


Enamel Adjustment Kit