GlasIonomer Base Cement

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For build-up of dentine or as liner under filling materials

GlasIonomer Base Cement is not only a radiopaque base cement, but a dentine substitute as well. It chemically bonds with dentine and enamel and is particularly soft tissue friendly. The powder is available in a yellowish dentine colour and in white as a brightener to achieve brighter tooth colours.

Base material for amalgam and composite fillings as well as porcelain restorations

Product Overview

  • GlasIonomer Base Cement Set, yellow

    Bestell-Nr.: 1110

    Powder 15 g

    Liquid 5 ml

  • GlasIonomer Base Cement, Powder white

    Bestell-Nr.: 1113

    Content 15 g

  • GlasIonomer Base Cement Liquid

    Bestell-Nr.: 1114

    Content 5 ml


Glasionomere und HY-Bond Zemente

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GlasIonomer Base Cement

Safety Data Sheets

GlasIonomer Base Cement Powder // Version 04
GlasIonomer Base Cement Liquid // Version 04