HC Primer

HC Primer

Bonding system for all hybrid-ceramic CAD/CAM restorations

HC Primer provides the perfect surface pretreatment for reliable adhesive bonding of SHOFU Block HC and Disk HC, plus all other hybrid ceramics. Thanks to its innovative composition, this primer penetrates the matrix of hybrid ceramics; on the other side, it forms a durable bond to adhesive resin cements.


  • Pretreatment of the bonding surfaces of CAD/CAM restorations
  • Strong, durable bond to hybrid ceramics and resins
  • Optimal wettability
  • Universal applicability
  • Easy application with a brush
  • Quick handling (apply, air-dry, light-cure)


  • Pretreatment of hybrid-ceramic CAD/CAM restorations

HC Primer infiltrates the polymer matrix, ensuring strong micro-mechanical retention between primer and restoration – without the risk of inclusions or bubbles.

Thanks to optimal wettability, the primer creates a durable base for adhesive cementation with ResiCem.

For adhesive cementation of CAD/CAM restorations, we recommend the use of dual-cure resin cements, such as ResiCem universal luting composite system.


SHOFU Block HC · Disk HC