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Aesthetic anterior glass ionomer restorative in mixable shades

HI-FI offers the aesthetic results of a composite and at the same time the outstanding biocompatible properties of a glass ionomer cement. The mixable VITA* Classical shades enable an optimal colour adjustement.


  • Class V cavities
  • Class III cavities
  • Posterior cavities in deciduous teeth
  • Pits and fissures
  • Selected cuspal repairs

*VITA is a registered trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany.

Product Overview

  • HI-FI Dual Pack (Shade A3.5)

    Bestell-Nr.: 3150

    Powder 15 g
    Liquid 10 ml

  • HI-FI Selected Palette

    Bestell-Nr.: 3131

    Powder 4x 15 g - each 15 g of A2, A3.5, B2, C3
    Liquid 10 ml
    HI-Glaze 5 ml
    HI-Tooth Cleanser 10 ml

  • HI-FI Flüssigkeit

    Bestell-Nr.: 3140

    Contents: 10 ml

  • HI-FI Pulver, Farbe A3,5

    Bestell-Nr.: 3143

    Contents: 15 g

  • HI-Glaze

    Bestell-Nr.: 3136

    Contents: 5 ml

  • HI-Tooth Cleanser

    Bestell-Nr.: 3135

    Contents: 10 ml

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Glasionomere und HY-Bond Zemente

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HI-FI GlasIonomer Powder / Liquid

Safety Data Sheets

HI-FI GlasIonomer Liquid // Version 04
HI-FI GlasIonomer Powder // Version 04