Hybrid Points FG

Hybrid Points FG

Diamond points for cavity and crown stump preparation

Hybrid Points are the result of a development process combining both diamond and abrasive technologies. The special coating technology with natural diamond particles in standard grit guarantees a high cutting performance with a low contact pressure and secure cooling. Twelve different shapes and sizes are available for the different preparation steps.


  • Exact, uniform distribution of the diamond particles
  • Sturdy stainless shank
  • Low vibration performance
  • High grinding performance with little contact pressure and secure cooling


  • Chairside: Cavity and crown stump preparations

Range of Application
Suitable for the following materials: Tooth enamel, porcelain

The colour coding of the order number indicates the individual maximum speed:
Cyan max. 450.000 Min-1
Blue max. 300.000 Min-1

Product Information

  • Hybrid Points FG


    Order Information & Shapes as a PDF File

Instructions for use

Instructions for use and safety precautions for rotary instruments


Hybrid Points FG