Porcelain Brushes


Long lasting natural hair and synthetic porcelain brushes with pleasant handling properties

The use of high-quality porcelain brushes is basic to a precise and time-saving buildup of natural tooth shapes. SHOFU natural-hair brushes feature fine, shape-retentive tips and a continuous release of moisture.

The natural-hair brush A7 (A = animal hair) is therefore ideal for the application of larger quantities of porcelain and the creation of delicate details.

The synthetic porcelain brush no. 5, made of very fine nylon bristles, has proved itself as an “all-round brush” for any application in porcelain layering. It maintains these properties even when using mixing liquids that contain glycerin.

The Porcelain Brush Set contains an assortment of 6 natural-hair brushes for all porcelain applications:

  • OP-O Flat natural-hair brush for an efficient application of paste opaque and opaque liners
  • S-O Fine liner for staining, designed to create very fine natural colour accents
  • S-1 Ideal for the characterisation of pressed or milled porcelain objects
  • P-3 All-round brush for daily use
  • P-5 Classic porcelain brush for all requirements
  • P-7 Big Brush design with a fine tip