Resin Glaze

Resin Glaze, Primer

Temporary surface gloss coating

Resin Glaze is a light-cured, surface gloss coating material for temporary restorations. The bonding of the material (Liquid) is increased when used in conjunction with the related Primer.

For temporary glazing of artificial resin teeth, acrylic denture base materials, CAD/CAM PMMA materials, CAD/CAM hybrid ceramic materials, indirect composite resins, provisional materials

Product Overview

  • Resin Glaze Primer

    Bestell-Nr.: Y0003

    Contents: 6 ml

  • Resin Glaze Liquid

    Bestell-Nr.: Y0004

    Contents: 6 ml

Package insert

Resin Glaze

Safety Data Sheets

Resin Glaze Primer // Version 01
Resin Glaze Liquid // Version 01