SHOFU MZ Primer Plus

SHOFU MZ Primer Plus

Primer for bonding resin to metal, zirconia or alumina

SHOFU MZ Primer Plus reliably and durably bonds resins to all dental alloys, zirconia and alumina – even without the use of retention beads!

This primer can be applied intraorally and will always ensure excellent bond strengths when used in combination with the light-cured opaque pastes of the SHOFU Universal Opaque System.


  • Strong bond without the need for retention beads
  • For all dental alloys and zirconia-based frameworks
  • For intraoral and extraoral use
  • Easy and quick handling without any additional equipment

SHOFU MZ Primer Plus, the successor to the clinically proven M.L. Primer, may be used for a wide range of substrates, including all precious and nonprecious alloys, zirconia and alumina, and is characterised by easy and efficient handling. It is the universally reliable solution for bonding resins to all frameworks made by CAD/CAM technology.


  • Application of SHOFU Universal Opaque to metal frameworks
  • Intraoral and extraoral repair of fractured restorations
  • Bonding of denture base resin to metal bases or attachments
  • Cementation of gold/zirconia inlays, crowns and bridges with resin cement
  • Bonding of resin to orthodontic appliances

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  • SHOFU MZ Primer Plus


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SHOFU MZ Primer Plus

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SHOFU MZ Primer Plus

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Product Information

SHOFU MZ Primer Plus