TPE Diamonds FG

TPE Diamonds FG

Tissue-protective, end-cutting diamonds for the subgingival shoulder preparation

A significant feature of these diamonds is the uncoated bevelling to the cutting surface, designed to avoid lacerating the adjacent tissue or undercutting the axial wall during a shoulder preparation. TPE Diamonds (Tissue-Protective, End-Cutting) are available in normal head length with fine and coarse grit and in short head length with coarse grit.


  • Tissue-protective, end-cutting
  • Exactly centred
  • Long-lasting
  • Consistent cutting action


  • Coarse (C – no shank marking):
    for rapid reduction of the shoulder margin into the gingival sulcus
  • Fine (F – red banded shank):
    for smooth finishing of the shoulder margin, finishing sub gingival shoulder preparation

The short head (in coarse grit only) is recommended when accessibility is limited.

Range of Application
Tooth enamel: shoulder preparation

Instructions for use

Preparation and reprocessing instructions for rotary instruments