Universal Opaque

Universal Opaque

Light-curing paste opaques for Ceramage UP, Ceramage and Solidex

The light-curing paste opaque of the Universal Opaque system offer excellent masking properties and bonding strengths to all commonly used dental alloys, due to optimised micro-fillers. The thixotropic properties make the pastes soft and flowable, they are applied very easily and quickly.

This ready-to-use opaquer system, consisting of one Pre-Opaque and 31 Opaque shades, can be used as a base for the reproduction of any shade of the Ceramage UP, Ceramage and Solidex composite systems.

Masking of frameworks made of precious and non-precious alloys


  • Universal use
  • Easy and quick application
  • Excellent masking properties
  • Durable bond

Product Overview

  • Universal Opaque Pre-Opaque

    Bestell-Nr.: 2111

    2 ml

  • Universal Opaque Paste Opaque A2O

    Bestell-Nr.: 2081

    2 ml

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Universal Opaque

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Universal Opaque

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