Vintage Art LF

Vintage Art LF

Low fusing fluorescent porcelain stains for internal and external shade modifications

The ready-to-use silicate glass based Vintage Art LF paste stains offer excellent handling and application properties as well as outstanding coverage due to their ultra fine particle structure. They are available in a number of nuances and offer various porcelains a natural shade appearance and individual characteristics by internal or external staining. In order to cater to different demands of aesthetic restorations they are available in a total of 23 shades.


  • Different porcelains, like lithium disilicate, press ceramic, restorations based on zirconia or aluminum oxide, CAD/CAM blocks and metal porcelains
  • Firing temperature approx. 770 °C

Primary, Secondary and Shade Stains


  • Compatible with all standard porcelains
  • Easy handling
  • Effortless application in thin layers
  • Adjusted to fluorescence of natural teeth


Vintage Art LF

Step by Step

Vintage Art LF