Vintage Art

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Fluorescent porcelain stains for internal and external modifications

The ready-to-use Vintage Art paste stains impress with their micro-fine particle structure and ideal consistency. They exhibit excellent application properties and achieve outstanding coverage.
The stains are recommended for the internal and external shade modification of all high fusing metal porcelains. The can also be applied on all high fusing metal free ceramic restorations with zirconia and alumina frameworks, CAD/CAM porcelain blocks, press porcelains and ceramic teeth.


  • Pressed all-ceramic
    Veneers, inlays/onlays, crowns/bridges
  • CAD/CAM all-ceramic
    Feldspar blanks, alumina and zirconia blanks
  • Metal-free and metal-bonded procelains
    CTE range of 6.0-16.0 x 10-6K-1, firing temperature approx. 880 °C


  • Compatible with all high fusing porcelains
  • Easy to use paste stains
  • Wide variety of intensive and effect shades
  • Fluorescent glazing paste


  • Base Color Stains
    9 primary and secondary shades as well as achromatic colours for the adjustment of the hue
  • Color Stains
    12 effect shades for the adjustment of all individual shades
  • Shade Stains / Foundation Shade Stains
    10 shades for surface staining of the tooth shades according to the shade group of the shade guide

Product Overview

  • Basic Color Set

    Bestell-Nr.: 6510

    16 shades, 3 g each: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Violet, Green,
    Black,White, Dark Red Brown, Orange Brown, Khaki, A-Shade,
    B-Shade, C-Shade, D-Shade, R-Shade
    1 Glazing Paste, 3 g
    1 Stain Liquid, 50 ml
    Instructions for use, Colour table

  • Effect Color Set

    Bestell-Nr.: 6511

    15 shades, 3 g each: Grey, Blue Grey, Corn Yellow,
    Brown, Black Brown, Mamelon Pink, Mamelon Ivory,
    Rose Pink,Wine Red, Pink Orange, Foundation A-Shade,
    Foundation B-Shade, Foundation C-Shade, Foundation D-Shade,
    Foundation R-Shade
    1 Glazing Paste, 3 g
    1 Stain Liquid, 50 ml
    Instructions for use, Colour table

  • Base Color Stains

    Bestell-Nr.: 6515-6531

    P (Pink), 3 g, PN 6515
    Y (Yellow), 3 g, PN 6516
    Bl (Blue), 3 g, PN 6517
    O (Orange), 3 g, PN 6518
    V (Violet), 3 g, PN 6519
    Gr (Green), 3 g, PN 6520
    B (Black), 3 g, PN 6521
    W (White), 3 g, PN 6522
    G (Grey), 3 g, PN 6531

  • Stain Liquid

    Bestell-Nr.: 6513

    Stain Liquid, 50 ml

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Vintage Art
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Vintage Art Stain Liquid // Version 04
Vintage Art // Version 04


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