Proven Products for Better Dentistry

Having started out as a manufacturer of porcelain teeth for the Japanese market over 100 years ago, SHOFU has grown into a global player in the dental industry, with an impressively diverse range of products: We offer dentists and dental technicians not only innovative premium-quality products, but also tailor-made solutions completely satisfying both users and patients.

Be it rotary instruments (such as the Brownie and Greenie precious metal polishers), the popular Vintage dental porcelain systems, the Ceramage micro-ceramic composite system, the Beautifil and BeautiCem lines of filling and luting materials, or the tried and tested Veracia artificial teeth: It has always been the objective of SHOFU’s researchers and developers to create cutting-edge products, helping to improve general oral health and meeting the specific requirements of dental practices and laboratories in terms of safety, efficiency and quality.

In Touch with the Scientific Community

Close cooperation with universities and research institutions, as well as a lively exchange of ideas with opinion leaders and customers, have thus been an integral part of our corporate philosophy. For example, SHOFU INC., Japan, and its subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, the UK, Singapore and China support Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry (MiCD) by developing new aesthetic, biofunctional materials. SHOFU’s latest patent: the Giomer class of materials, based on the S-PRG filler technology. In addition, SHOFU regularly offers educational programs and courses on various topics, such as customised porcelain and composite layering or efficient bulk-filling, and participates in all the important international trade fairs and congresses. In brief: We at SHOFU are in constant touch with the scientific community and always maintain personal contact with our customers.

Regional Competence and Effective Service

SHOFU DENTAL GmbH, Germany, was established in Ratingen in 1978 and focuses on effective service and uncompromising customer orientation. We are supported by reliable partners: competent dental distributors, providing local, knowledgeable service and advice to the users of our products. Since 1985, SHOFU’s German subsidiary has also represented the interests of the Japanese parent company throughout Europe and from the Greater Middle East to South Africa.

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