Discontinuation of the production of Solidex single components

Due to the discontinuation of production, Solidex single components will only be available until the end of 2022.

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Suitable light-curing units for the polymerisation of SHOFU veneering composites

Do you already have a light-curing unit and want to know whether you can use it to polymerize SHOFU veneering composites?

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Ceramage UP

Ceramage UP: The flowable high-end veneering composite for free build-up

Thin, flowable, low-viscosity…

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EyeSpecial C-IV

EyeSpecial C-IV: The Dental Camera for your practice or laboratory

Creating professional photo documentations after only a short learning curve? No problem – with SHOFU EyeSpecial, the dedicated dental camera.

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Solidlilite LED

Solidilite LED: Let There Be Light – With LED Power by SHOFU

With the Solidilite LED Light Curing Unit, SHOFU is breaking new ground, not only in the choice of light sources.

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SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra

SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra: The Multilayer Zirconia for all indications

The new SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra combines high-strength zirconia varieties in an extremely powerful multilayer CAD/CAM material.

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Vintage Art Universal

Vintage Art Universal: The Universal Stain and Glaze System by SHOFU

Vintage Art Universal provides groundbreaking options for 2D and 3D characterisation of monolithic restorations

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SHOFU Block HC Hard

SHOFU Block HC Hard: CAD/CAM hybrid ceramic blocks for highly durable and aesthetic single-tooth restorations

SHOFU Block HC Hard combines the best characteristics of high-strength ceramics and high-performance composites in a hybrid-ceramic material.

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Beautifil Flow Plus X

Beautifil Flow Plus X: Injectable hybrid composite in two viscosities

With Beautifil Flow Plus X, SHOFU offers you a universal, durable hybrid composite, available in two viscosities – F00 and F03 – for optimal flowability and dimensional stability in all clinical indications.

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Beautifil II LS

Beautifil II LS: Low shrinkage, high polishability

Beautifil II LS (Low Shrinkage), the paste-like composite system which has been developed based on the proven Beautifil II, ensures the dentists minimum shrinkage and maximum aesthetics.

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OneGloss M

OneGloss M: Autoclavable OneGloss M Polishers by SHOFU

Finishing Faster: One-Step Finishers and Polishers Now Mounted and Sterilisable

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SuperSnap Disk Kit

Super-Snap & Super-Snap Xtreme: Polishing of micro-filled and hybrid composites

The Super-Snap- and Super-Snap X-Treme polishing system consists of coated disks used for polishing microfilled and hybrid composites.

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GlasIonomer FX Ultra

SHOFU GlasIonomer FX Ultra: The quick path to durable and aesthetic restorations

Glassionomer restoratives have proved themselves in clinical use for many years.

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Zirconomer Improved

Zirconomer Improved: The tooth-coloured “amalgam” – mercury-free, durable and eco-friendly

Zirconomer Improved is a reliable and durable, tooth-coloured, zirconia-reinforced restorative glass ionomer. It is a safe and successful alternative to silver amalgam.

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ZirGloss: High-performance polishing compound perfects the surfaces of monolithic zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations

Only perfectly polished zirconia surfaces minimise plaque formation and protect the natural antagonists.

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Vintage Prime Press

Vintage Prime Press: High-strength lithium disilicate glass ceramic with new HDIL technology

Vintage Prime Press is the new high-strength lithium disilicate glass ceramic for the production of outstandingly aesthetic crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and 3-unit anterior bridges.

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Handbook on intraoral photography

Handbook on intraoral photography . Free Download

Here you can download the “Handbook on intraoral photography” as a PDF file.

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