All Ceramic Preparation Kit

All Ceramic Preparation Kit

Preparation system for all-ceramic restorations

This assortment of 17 instruments is ideally suited for the preparation of anterior teeth, premolars and molars, as well as inlay and veneer preparations. The shapes of the abrasives are matched to the different preparation designs, ensuring optimal congruence of shapes.

Robot Points – 1 each:
808V-1, 0825-1, 825V-1, 0826-1, 826V-1, 0833-1, 833V-1, 0836-1, 836V-1, 0839-1, 839V-1, 0893-1, 893V-1, 0896-1, 0897-1, 0899-1, 899V-1

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  • All Ceramic Preparation Kit


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Robot Points

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Preparation and reprocessing instructions for rotary instruments

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All Ceramic Preparation Kit