Ceramage UP

Ceramage UP

Flowable, light-curing micro hybrid composite

This newly developed high tech material combines all positive properties of porcelain and composite. The coordinated layering concept with opalescent incisal and translucent compounds and their light optical properties imitating natural teeth enable aesthetic restorations that exhibit brilliance in all lighting conditions.

The ceramic filled matrix and the homogeneously dense nano structure guarantee highest wear resistance, flexural strength and colour stability.

The ready-to-use thixotropic compounds enable a free modulation of tooth shapes directly from the dispenser, with an instrument or a brush.

The individual materials are both flowable and stackable, easy to sculpt, contour and polish, and mixable with each other – for unlimited customisation options.


  • Virtually unlimited variety of indications
  • Simple reproduction of all shades of the VITA* Classical Shade System
  • Natural aesthetics and opalescence
  • Excellent strength and abrasion properties
  • Outstanding polishability and surface density
  • Plaque resistance and shade stability


  • Fully veneered crowns, bridges, telescopic and implant supra constructions
  • Attachment works
  • Occlusal restorations
  • Inlays / onlays and veneers
  • Long term temporaries
  • Characterisation of denture teeth

* VITA is a registered trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany.

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Ceramage UP
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Ceramage UP
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Product Information

Ceramage UP


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