CeraMaster · CeraMaster Coarse

CeraMaster · CeraMaster Coarse

For ceramic restorations

These silicone polishers are integrated with pure, ultrafine diamond particles. They are characterised by a long service life and designed for quick finishing and polishing of ceramic restorations, to provide a smooth surface. The combination of the different grits of CeraMaster Coarse (dark-grey polishers) and the finer CeraMaster polishers (blue and white banded shank) is an efficient concept for homogeneous surface treatment.


  • CeraMaster Coarse polishers are designed for a quick finishing and prepolishing of ceramic restorations in one step only. They work excellently even when adjusting margins of all-ceramic frameworks made of alumina or zirconia.
  • For super-polishing CeraMaster polishers are recommended. When using the CeraMaster polishers there is no need to use an additional polishing paste, as the high shine is produced by using the diamond-impregnated silicone polishers themselves.


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  • CeraMaster · CeraMaster Coarse


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