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Tray and Pin Set

SHOFU Post Stand P

With four slots oriented towards the centre and more than 100 holes, this tray with matched posts features extraordinarily quick and easy positioning of workpieces, ranging from single crowns to 14-unit bridges. Dimensions: ø 60 mm / H 23.5 mm

SHOFU Post Set

The set includes five different shapes, 3 each, for any kind of restoration:

  • Anterior Post A (cone shaped) and Anterior Post B (wedge shaped) for anterior crowns
  • Posterior Post A for premolars
  • Posterior Post B for molars
  • Free Post can be grinded to any desired shape

By decentralised shanks and rotatability the space between the posts can be individually adjusted.

For stable placement of restorations in dental lab light-curing units

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