CRB – Ceraresin Bond

CRB Cera Resin Bond

For all repairs of chipped porcelain or composite restorations

With the Ceraresin Bond system you now have the option to securely and durably bond various materials intra and extra orally. For example, CRB can be used for extending porcelain restorations quickly and efficiently with light-curing materials. Moreover, CRB combines cold-curing resins with light-curing veneering material, as well as different light-curing veneering composites with each other. Also there are no limits to individualising denture teeth with light-curing veneering material.

Used as adhesive when

  • ceramic restorations are to be repaired with filling composite, C&B composite, or denture base material
  • porcelain or resin teeth are to be modified and repaired with filling composite, C&B composite, or denture base material
  • dental restorations are made from or repaired with filling composite, denture base material or C&B composite
  • dental restorations made of dental ceramic, C&B composite, filling composite or denture base material are to be repaired

Product Information

  • CRB – Ceraresin Bond


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CRB Ceraresin Bond

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CRB – Ceraresin Bond

Safety Data Sheets

CRB Ceraresin Bond II // Version 05
CRB Ceraresin Bond I // Version 04

Product Information

CRB – Ceraresin Bond


CRB Ceraresin Bond - Intraorale Reparaturen von Kronenverblendungen
CRB Ceraresin Bond - Reparaturen abgeplatzter Keramik- oder Kompositverblendungen intraoral