Super-Snap Buff Disk

Super-Snap Buff Disk

For composites, porcelain and gold restorations

The Super-Snap Buff Disks and Buff Mini-Disks feature a synthetic felt coating on the front side which retains expensive polishing pastes with minimum splatter or waste during use. Just a feathery polishing is sufficient for producing a high lustrous shine on porcelain and composites, with the flexible disks adapting to the tooth’s natural contours. The disks have no metal centres or exposed mandrels thus avoiding discolouration or gouging of composites. The best results can be achieved in combination with SHOFU polishing pastes.


  • Polishing paste adheres to the felt coating
  • Clean and economical working with polishing paste
  • No metal centre

Felt disk for polishing composite, porcelain or gold restorations with polishing paste

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  • Super-Snap Buff Disk


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