Vintage Prime Press

Vintage Prime Press

High-strength lithium disilicate glass ceramic for efficient use in staining, cut-back and layering techniques

Vintage Prime Press is the new high-strength lithium disilicate glass ceramic for the production of outstandingly aesthetic crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and 3-unit anterior bridges. A new process (HDIL formula = High-Density Interlocking), creating an interlocked crystal structure in the glass matrix, gives Vintage Prime Press excellent strength values of up to 525 MPa. This structure counteracts crack propagation and improves chipping resistance.


  • Biaxial flexural strength of up to 525 MPa
  • Reliable shade stability even after multiple firing
  • High accuracy of fit, as there is almost no reaction layer after pressing
  • Abrasion resistance and antagonist friendliness
  • Four different translucencies
  • Combinability with Vintage LD layered porcelains and Vintage Art Universal stains

Four different translucencies

  • E (Enamel) – high, enamel-like light transmission
  • HT (High Translucency) – moderate translucency for crowns and bridges
  • LT (Low Translucency) – low translucency for slightly discoloured preparations
  • HO (High Opacity) – high opacity for masking abutments and frameworks


Vintage Prime Press

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Vintage Prime Press