EyeSpecial C-V

EyeSpecial C-V

The dental camera – now with Wi-Fi

The EyeSpecial dental camera has built-in photographic expertise for creating professional photo documentation in dental practices and laboratories. It has smart special features, is easy to operate, reproducibly takes good images, and its use can be delegated to assistants without cost- and time-intensive training.

The fifth generation of this lightweight and now even more compact camera is equipped with a Wi-Fi function. It takes even higher image quality, thanks to an improved digital signal processor (DSP) and an increase in the bitrate. The expanded video feature permanently adjusts sharpness with continuous autofocus.

Transferring images to your computer via Wi-Fi
Using the Wi-Fi function of the EyeSpecial C-V, you can now automatically transfer your images to a computer and file them with the SHOFU image sorting software “SureFile”. Simply establish a WLAN connection via your router.


  • Fast, intuitive menu navigation
  • Nine shooting modes
  • Video feature
  • Automatic flash control
  • Optional attachable cross polarizer
  • One-handed operation, even with medical gloves
  • Disinfectability in accordance with current hygiene guidelines
  • Wi-Fi function for image transfer
  • QR code features

The handy and compact “all-in-one” camera
This ultralight high-performance camera can easily be held with one hand, freeing the other to hold a cheek retractor or a mirror. It does not require any “heavyweight” accessories, like external flashes or interchangeable lenses. Equipped with everything you need, the EyeSpecial C-V allows you to take informative and professional dental photographs.

Glare-free to show more of the tooth – with the cross polarizer
With the cross polarizer attached, the EyeSpecial C-V allows you to look inside a tooth: Chroma, internal light effects and individual tooth characteristics are visualised without being distorted by light reflections occurring on the enamel surface. Shade and colour effects of hard and soft tissues can also be assessed more accurately when using the cross polarizer.

The delivery includes the camera plus:

  • Close-up lens (49 mm) from Kenko
  • Lens cap
  • Hand strap
  • 16 GB SDHC memory card
  • SHOFU gray card
  • Instructions

The cross polarizer is designed in such a way that the polarizing components are positioned at right angles to the flash and lens part, eliminating any reflections on the tooth surface.

The completely smooth body of the EyeSpecial C-V is water and chemical-resistant and can be quickly and thoroughly disinfected with ethanol sprays and wipes. This optimally prepares the camera for use in your practice in accordance with current hygiene guidelines.

The receiving software WLSDMonitor is required to automatically transfer the images saved on the SD card to your computer using the Wi-Fi function of the EyeSpecial C-V camera. It is only available in English.
WLSDMonitor Empfangssoftware: www.shofu.co.jp/wlsdmonitor/en/

The SHOFU SureFile software is required to quickly sort and file all images taken by the EyeSpecial C-V according to the patient information entered prior to capturing images. The software is compatible with the models C-II, C-III, C-IV and C-V.
SHOFU SureFile: www.shofu.co.jp/surefile/indexe.html

Firmware (Ver.01.03.01) EyeSpecial C-Ⅴ: www.shofu.co.jp/eyespecialc5/firmware_en.html

You can find information about the EyeSpecial C-III & C-IV here: EyeSpecial C-III & EyeSpecial C-IV


EyeSpecial C-V
EyeSpecial C-V - User’s Manual (Benutzerhandbuch)
EyeSpecial C-V - Quick Reference (Kurzbedienungsanleitung)
EyeSpecial C-V - Important Safety Instructions (Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise)
EyeSpecial C-V - SHOFU Cross Polarizer