Polishing of microfilled and hybrid composites

The Super-Snap and Super-Snap X-Treme polishing system consists of coated disks used for polishing microfilled and hybrid composites.

Chairside: Contouring, finishing, polishing and high-gloss polishing of composite restorations

  • Contouring: Super-Snap disk black (coarse grit)
  • Finishing: Super-Snap disk violet (medium grit)
  • Polishing: Super-Snap disk green (fine grit)
  • High-gloss polishing: Super-Snap disk red (superfine grit)


  • Extremely thin and highly flexible
  • No metal centre
  • Consistent 4-step contouring, finishing and polishing system
  • No gouging of enamel or restoration
  • Disk securely attached to the mandrel (maximum control during polishing)

Super-Snap Disks

Super-Snap disks have elastic shank mounts which allow easy placing of the disks onto the mandrel. The disks are manufactured without a metal centre, thus avoiding gouging and discolouration of the composite or enamel. The thin disks are flexible, bending without breaking and allowing easier access to interproximal areas. The disks are available with the safe side down, safe side up and coated on both sides and come in standard (ø 12 mm) and mini size (ø 8 mm).


Super-Snap: Hochflexibel zum Hochglanz