SHOFU Porcelain Brush Art Set

SHOFU Porcelain Brush Art

Synthetic hair brushes, are in no way inferior in their properties compared to natural hair brushes.

Dimensionally stable – Balanced – Ergonomic

SHOFU Porcelain Brush Art synthetic hair brushes have now reached the level of ceramic brushes made of marten hair. The synthetic fibers also have less wear and tear and are therefore more durable and dimensionally stable.

Characterized by a fine, stable tip and a continuous moisture release. These properties are also retained when used with glyceral-containing liquids.

The new SHOFU Porcelain Brush Art Set contains an assortment of 6 synthetic brushes for all porcelain applications:

  • P-7: The Big Brush design with a fine tip
  • P-5: The classic porcelain brush for all requirements
  • P-3: All-round brush for daily use
  • S-1: Ideal for the characterisation of pressed or milled porcelain objects
  • S-0: Fine liner for staining, designed to create very fine natural colour accents
  • OP-0: Flat brush for an efficient application of paste opaque and opaque liners

SHOFU Porcelain Brush Art