DirectDia Paste

DirectDia Paste

Diamond impregnated polishing paste for intra and extraoral high gloss polish

DirectDia Paste contains 20 % diamond particles in grain sizes of 2-4 µm. It creates high gloss on natural enamel and all restorative materials (porcelain, direct and indirect composites, metals etc.). The paste has a pleasant lime flavour and is easily visible in the patient´s mouth because of its light green colour.


  • Green colour for easy visibility in the patient’s mouth
  • Exact dosing by the application tip
  • Well-matched viscosity for easy handling
  • Pleasant lime flavour


  • Removal of discolourations and high lustre polishing of all restorative materials
  • Polishing and cleaning of natural teeth

Recommended for use with Super-Snap Buff Disks and Buff Mini-Disks. The flexible felt disks allow an effective application and reach all areas of the natural tooth.

To prevent splatter and avoid excessive heat generation always use rotary instruments at speeds below 10,000 rpm.

The surface does not have to be dry.Subsequently rinse thoroughly with water.

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