Vintage Art Universal

Vintage Art Universal

Universal powder stains and glazes for monolithic restorations and layered ceramics

Vintage Art Universal Stains and Glazes give monolithic zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations depth for a lifelike appearance – only by staining, without any layering.

This 3D effect is produced by YAMAMOTO LIQUID, the true-colour mixing liquid: When mixing Vintage Art Universal Stains and Glazes with this special liquid, even a thin layer will create the illusion of spatial depth on a monolithic material.

The powders can also be mixed with the normal Vintage Art Universal LIQUID to traditionally stain and glaze layered ceramic restorations (2D staining technique). Depending on the substrate, users can choose between fluorescent and non-fluorescent glazing powder.


  • Powder stains and glazes with two different mixing liquids offer a wider range of creative options than ready-to-use pastes.
  • The stains feature vibrant colours and good opacity.
  • YAMAMOTO LIQUID creates depth and already shows the final colour during mixing and application – before the restoration is fired.
  • Two glazes allow users to finish restorations with or without fluorescence.


Vintage Art Universal
Vintage Art Universal – Colour Table

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Vintage Art Universal


Vintage Art Universal: Der Natur auf kluge Weise Rechnung tragen
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Vintage Art Universal: Porseleinkleuren en glazuurpasta’s voor 2D- en 3D-inkleurtechnieken