Vintage Art Universal

Vintage Art Universal

Universal, Characteristic, Natural

Natural-looking restorations will be created when technical skill meets passion for perfection. The smart Vintage Art Universal stain and glaze system for 2D and 3D staining techniques helps you achieve this high level of quality with lifelike shade nuances on all dental ceramics. Thanks to their microfine particle structure and increased glass content, these fluorescent powder stains and glazes are not only a feast for the eyes; the homogeneous mixtures are also very convenient to handle and characterised by outstanding coverage.

Two mixing liquids, differing in viscosity and refractive index, extend the Vintage Art Universal system to offer more options – in both the conventional 2D staining technique for layered ceramics and the 3D staining technique for monolithic restorations.

The Vintage Art Universal system allows you to easily reproduce internal and external shade nuances of natural teeth and consistently create excellent ceramic restorations.

  • Vintage Art Universal expands your range of creative options
  • Vintage Art Universal makes your work easier
  • Vintage Art Universal individually adapts your restorations to any situation
  • Vintage Art Universal can be used on all dental ceramics


  • Fluorescent and non-fluorescent glazes
  • Well-matched to lithium disilicate and zirconia
  • For low and high-fusing ceramics
  • Excellent surface adaptation
  • Brilliant gloss


Vintage Art Universal

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Vintage Art Universal