Ceravety Press & Cast

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Universal speed investment for pressable ceramics and cast alloys

Ceravety Press & Cast creates very smooth surfaces with an outstanding constant fit. Furthermore the press or cast objects can be divested gently and stress free – also with thin wall thicknesses. With the press over technique the objects of metal, zirconium oxide or porcelain are just embedded as well.
Ceravety Press & Cast is proven to produce only very thin reaction layers with lithium disilicate ceramics.

Besides the speed investment this graphite free investment material can also be heated conventionally. As the expansion can be very well controlled, an ideal adjustment to the press and cast objects is possible.


  • For all press ingots (high and low fusing)
  • Very thin reaction layer with lithium disilicate
  • Excellent adjustment to non-precious and precious alloys
  • Smooth object surfaces
  • Easy and quick divesting
  • Outstanding expansion control
  • Graphite-free
  • Long working time


  • Speed investment for pressing / press-over and casting procedures
  • Also suitable for conventional heating

Product Overview

  • Ceravety Powder

    Bestell-Nr.: 6966

    12 kg
    120 x 100 g bags

  • Ceravety Liquid

    Bestell-Nr.: 6967

    2000 ml with measuring cylinder

  • Ceravety Powder

    Bestell-Nr.: 6968

    3 kg
    30 x 100 g bags

  • Ceravety Liquid

    Bestell-Nr.: 6969

    300 ml with measuring cylinder


Ceravety Press & Cast

Instructions for use

Ceravety Press & Cast

Safety Data Sheets

Ceravety Press & Cast Powder // Version 04
Ceravety Press & Cast Liquid // Version 04


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