Dura-Green DIA

Dura-Green DIA

Vitrified-bonded diamond abrasives

Dura-Green DIA are designed for contouring porcelains, ceramic copings, fine anatomical details or fragile sensitive margin areas. Thanks to densely packed diamonds embedded throughout Dura-Green DIA provide smoother surfaces on all-ceramic and zirconia restorations and an enhanced performance versus silicon carbide instruments.

Low vibration and minimal heat generation make the abrasives comfortable and safe to use, eliminating any risk of chipping or micro-cracking. The instruments feature high edge stability and enhanced performance at the same time.


  • Efficient and material-friendly processing
  • Minimised risk of micro-cracking
  • Low contact pressure
  • Minimal heat generation
  • High edge stability

Contouring and finishing indirect restorations made of ceramics, zirconia, lithium disilicate etc.

Range of Application
Suitable for the following materials:
All-zirconia or zirconia-based restorations, lithium disilicate, alumina, pressed & layered ceramics and metal surfaces

The Shofu Adjuster, made of aluminium oxide, is ideal for instrument cleaning and individual shape adjustment.


Dura-Green DIA

Instructions for use

Preparation and reprocessing instructions for rotary instruments


Dura-Green DIA: Ausarbeitung von CAD/CAM-Keramikmaterialien