Ceramage Finishing & Polishing Kit

Ceramage Finishing & Polishing Kit

For all micro hybrid composites with a high porcelain filler content

The assortment contains all necessary rotary instruments for finishing and polishing of Ceramage, Ceramage UP and highly filled micro hybrid composites. The selection of shapes is also suitable for working on occlusal or interproximal areas.

Robot Carbide Fissure Bur: 1x SH97
Dura-Green: 1 each IC9, PC1, WH6
CompoMaster Coarse: 1 each bullet, KN7, WH6
CompoMaster: 1 each bullet, KN7, WH6


Kompositbearbeitung mit System
Systematic Contouring, Finishing and Polishing of Composites

Instructions for use

Preparation and reprocessing instructions for rotary instruments