Vintage ZR Uni-Layer

Vintage ZR Uni-Layer

High fusing single layer porcelain for metal free restorations

Fully anatomical anterior and posterior restorations can be built up with only one layer with this innovative porcelain. Perfectly balancing light diffusion and chroma, this porcelain combines the optical characteristics of dentine and incisal powders in one material – for a harmonious shade progression and the illusion of depth.


  • Quick and easy single-layer technique
  • Simple correction options
  • Easy shade matching with Vintage Art porcelain stains
  • Can be combined with the opalescent and translucent materials of the Vintage ZR system depending on the demand and situation

Facing of all crown and bridge constructions made of zirconia

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  • Vintage ZR Uni-Layer


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Safety Data Sheets

Vintage ZR Porcelain Powder // Version 04
Vintage ZR Opaqueliner Porcelain // Version 04
Vintage Mixing Liquid HC // Version 04
Vintage AL / ZR Opaqueliner Liquid // Version 04

Product Information

Vintage ZR · Vintage ZR Uni-Layer