SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent

SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent

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SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent is a highly translucent zirconia material (5Y-PSZ) for the fabrication of aesthetic anterior and posterior restorations.

The presintered milling blanks come in one Monolayer and several Multilayer designs. They are compatible with all common CAD/CAM systems, thanks to their good millability and their diameter of 98.5 mm. SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent combines an outstanding flexural strength of over 1,000 MPa with high light transmission (similar to that of lithium disilicate), so you can use it for a variety of indications.

Complete your restorations by either staining and glazing with Vintage Art Stains or minimal layering in the cut-back technique with Vintage ZR Porcelains.

Benefits at a glance

  • Multilayer zirconia blanks with a flexural strength of over 1,000 MPa
  • Translucency of lithium disilicate
  • Suitable for anterior crowns and bridges (up to 6 units)
  • Suitable for posterior crowns and bridges (up to 3 units)
  • Natural, harmonious blend of shades – from incisal to cervical aspects

3-5-1: Three shades in five-layers in one blank

The smooth transition of shades in the five-layer blanks creates a harmonious, lifelike blend of shades from enamel (one layer, 30 %) to dentine (three layers, 35 %) and the cervical area (one layer, 35 %).

Depending on the vertical position of the restoration planned, you can reproduce several shades of one shade group using only one blank, without any complicated staining.


SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent