CompoSite · CompoSite Fine

CompoSite · CompoSite Fine

For composite

CompoSite instruments are designed for a perfect finish of composite restorations without scratching the surrounding enamel. CompoSite polishers are used for finishing and prepolishing, CompoSite Fine (with white banded shank) for polishing. The flexible and adaptable cups and disks will polish subgingival and interproximal surfaces safely while pear points and midipoints are recommended for the polish of occlusal and lingual surfaces.


  • Silicone polishers with integrated abrasive grains
  • Matched hardness of silicone
  • Optimal ratio of speed and contact pressure
  • No damage to enamel
  • No polishing paste is needed
  • Long-lasting tool life

Dental Practice: For finishing and polishing of micro and hybrid composite restorations such as inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges in the patient’s mouth as well as for removing cements used for orthodontic brackets


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  • CompoSite · CompoSite Fine


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