Vintage PRO

Vintage PRO

Optimised leucite-reinforced feldspathic porcelain for the classical CTE range

Vintage PRO represents a new generation of PFM systems. This innovative leucite-reinforced feldspathic porcelain, based on the high-fusing Vintage systems, is characterised by professional efficiency and aesthetics. The excellent handling of the well-established product lines has been systematically optimised, and its porcelain basis has been combined with new materials – for even greater ease of use, higher safety and firing stability, and naturally opalescent shades.

With its firing temperature of approx. 900 °C, Vintage PRO is indicated primarily for veneering nonprecious alloy frameworks, but it can also be used to easily and aesthetically veneer high-gold, reduced-gold or palladium-based PFM alloys. Besides, the system is ideal for use on metal frameworks made by CAD/CAM or sintering.


  • Professional aesthetics with precise opalescence and fluorescence
  • Easy handling thanks to high stackability during sculpting
  • Perfect adaptation to all conventional PFM alloys
  • True-to-nature shade system reproducing all VITA* Classical shades
  • Customised shade matching with effect porcelains and stains
  • Excellent colour, dimensional and firing stability – even after multiple firing

The uncomplicated porcelains of the Vintage PRO system allow both beginners and professionals to achieve maximum aesthetics in a minimum of time.

Compatible with all commonly used PFM alloys with a recommended CTE of 13.5 to 14.8 x 10-6K-1

Overview of Vintage PRO Color Indicators as a PDF file

Vintage PRO Color Indicators

Enlarge Vintage PRO Color Indicators

* VITA is a registered trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany.


Vintage PRO
Vintage PRO – Colour Table

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Vintage PRO


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Vintage Pro
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