For PMMA resins

The AcryPoint-E silicone polishers are designed for adjusting, finishing and polishing of acrylic dentures, all acrylic appliances and acrylic impression trays without the need to use additional polishing pastes.


  • Three well-matched polishing steps
  • Optimal surface polishing of PMMA
  • Optimal contouring and prepolishing of acrylic bite splints in one step
  • Exact match of abrasive grains and binder
  • High gloss polishing without the need for an additional polishing agent
  • Low vibration performance
  • Low heat development


  • The coarse dark grey AcryPoint-E are used for adjustments.
  • The brown AcryPoint-E with medium grit are designed for finishing and prepolishing.
  • The light grey AcryPoint-E with fine grit are recommended for polishing.


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