Gingi Curettage

Gingi Curettage

For crown and bridge preparation and grinding of tooth stumps

The gold coloured standard grit FG diamonds are designed to establish a chamfered finish to the tooth surface in crown and bridge preparations, giving an ideal profile for precise impression taking.

They are made with a 3° axial side taper, a 45° tip angle to the axis and a 1.52 mm point radius.

The colour coding of the order number indicates the individual maximum speed:

  • Cyan max. 450.000 Min-1
  • Blue max. 300.000 Min-1
  • Orange max. 160.000 Min-1

Chairside: Crown and bridge preparation, grinding of tooth stumps

Range of Application
Suitable for the following materials: Tooth enamel and dentine


  • Exact, uniform distribution of the diamond particles
  • Precise concentricity
  • Low vibration performance
  • High grinding performance with little contact pressure and secure cooling

Instructions for use

Preparation and reprocessing instructions for rotary instruments