Vitrified-bonded alumina stones

For finishing enamel, prepared tooth stumps, composites, porcelain and glass ionomer cements, these micrograined and perfectly centred “Arkansas“ stones are unmatched. They are suited for very fine finishing and smoothing of various dental materials.


  • Precise concentricity
  • Low vibration grinding
  • Consistent finishing performance
  • Economical
  • High edge stability
  • Long-lasting service life
  • Wide range of shapes


  • Dental Practice: Finishing and very fine working of e. g. composite or glass ionomer filling materials, porcelain, tooth structure, e. g. smoothing crown preparations after contouring with diamond abrasives
  • Laboratory: Very fine contouring and fine finishing of porcelain or composite restorations

Range of application
Suitable for the following materials: porcelain, composite, compomer, tooth structure, glass ionomer cement


Enlarge shapes

Product Information

  • Dura-White


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Instructions for use

Preparation and reprocessing instructions for rotary instruments