BeautiCem Veneer

BeautiCem Veneer

High shade stability for aesthetic restorations

BeautiCem Veneer resin cement can be light-cured at any time for outstanding ease of use. Veneers, inlays and onlays can be seated and positioned without having to rush, without any time limit. Besides, the size of the syringe, the smooth consistency and good flowability of the paste facilitate precisely targeted application.

The small diameter of the syringe tip minimises excess cement, and clean-up is easy. Bioactive S-PRG filler of this Giomer material help to protect the tooth against caries, contributing to sustainable oral health.

The dedicated BeautiCem Try-in Paste is water-soluble, easily removable and facilitates the selection of the proper BeautiCem Veneer resin cement shade prior to the permanent placement of the restoration.


  • Intuitive shade selection
  • Shade stability thanks to amine-free composition
  • Outstanding ease of use
  • Fluoride release and recharge
  • High radiopacity
  • Try-in Paste in the same shades
  • Optimal shade matching of Try-in Paste and cured cement

BeautiCem Veneer is available in five shades:

  • L-Value, M-Value and H-Value are suitable for subgingival preparations; they differ in value, but not in hue or chroma.
  • Ivory-L and Ivory-D are indicated for use in cases of supragingival margins and inlays up to 2 mm in thickness.