GlasIonomer FX Ultra

GlasIonomer FX Ultra

Self-cured, universal glass ionomer restorative material

The new GlasIonomer FX Ultra reliably adheres to enamel and dentine without etching and sustainably releases and recharges fluoride at the same time. Its key benefits are enhanced aesthetics and strength: It shows a remarkable degree of translucency directly after setting and also exceptional shade stability. And a compressive strength of 260 MPa now gives GlasIonomer FX Ultra restorations long-term resistance to the intraoral forces acting on posterior teeth.


  • Smooth, non-sticky consistency of powder and liquid
  • Translucent and stable shades
  • Strong and durable
  • Reliable adhesion without etching
  • Sustained caries-protective effect


  • Restorations of deciduous teeth
  • Restorations of non-stress-bearing Class I and II cavities in permanent teeth
  • Restorations of Class III and V cavities, including cervical erosions, root abrasions and wedge-shaped defects
  • Core build-ups


GlasIonomer FX Ultra