Brownie · Greenie · Supergreenie

Brownie · Greenie · Supergreenie

Universal polishers

These silicone polishers impregnated with abrasive particles quickly polish dental restorations to an excellent gloss. Brownies are used for prepolishing, Greenies for polishing and Supergreenies (with yellow banded shank) for super-polishing. Thanks to the high quality of their abrasive particles, the silicone polishers alone create a high gloss; there is no need for additional polishing paste.


  • High gloss in three polishing steps
  • Precise, calibrated concentricity
  • Customisable
  • Low vibration polish
  • Optimal ratio of speed and contact pressure
  • Low heat generation
  • Fast and efficient use


  • Dental Practice: Intraoral prepolishing, polishing and super-polishing of all types of restorative materials.
  • Laboratory: Prepolishing, polishing and super-polishing of all types of restorative materials


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  • Brownie · Greenie · Supergreenie


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Preparation and reprocessing instructions for rotary instruments


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