Lamina Vest II

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Phosphate bonded investment for minimally invasive porcelain techniques

Lamina Vest II is a phosphate bonded investment for the production of refractory dies. Developed for the fabrication of porcelain inlays, veneers and crowns in the sintering technique, Lamina Vest II offers high strength and edge stability.

For all porcelains with a CTE range of 9.5-12.5 x 10-6K-1 (25 °C – 500 °C)


  • Suitable for Vintage MP, Vintage Halo and Vintage ZR
  • Excellent fit of the porcelain restorations
  • Smooth surfaces
  • High strength and edge stability
  • High dimensional stability, even after repeated firings
  • Easy divesting

Product Overview

  • Lamina Vest II Powder

    Bestell-Nr.: 6977

    1,200 g
    30 x 40 g bags

  • Lamina Vest II Liquid

    Bestell-Nr.: 6978

    200 ml with measuring cap

  • Lamina Retouch Vest

    Bestell-Nr.: 6963

    Correction investment
    30 g

  • Lamina Retouch Vest

    Bestell-Nr.: 6964

    10 ml

  • Lamina Marker

    Bestell-Nr.: 6972

    Refractory marker
    2 pcs

Package insert

Lamina Vest II

Safety Data Sheets

Lamina Vest II Powder // Version 04
Lamina Vest II Liquid // Version 04