Super-Snap X-Treme

Super-Snap X-Treme

For microfilled and hybrid composites

The Super-Snap and Super-Snap X-Treme polishing system consists of well-matched coated disks used for finishing and polishing microfilled and hybrid composites.

Super-Snap X-Treme
The Super-Snap X-Treme disks – an enhancement of the original green and red Super-Snap disks – are thicker so that higher contact pressure can be used during polishing. They feature a longer service life, while also maintaining their well-known flexibility in interproximal areas.

The red Super-Snap X-Treme disks are the first instruments featuring an innovative 3D coating. Between the uniformly distributed semispherical structures made of alumina particles, debris is collected and removed. This reliably prevents the disk from clogging or secondary scratches caused by polishing dust.


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Super-Snap & Super-Snap X-Treme