For porcelain restorations

The two-step system SoftCut was developed for the polishing of fragile porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays. The two instruments of the system, SoftCut PA and SoftCut PB, are silicone polishers with integrated polishing agents. By varying the pressure, the polishing performance can be adjusted: the lighter the pressure, the higher the gloss.

Contouring and polishing of porcelain

  • SoftCut PA (with green banded shank) for polishing after rough finishing (for example with Dura-Green stones)
  • SoftCut PB (with blue banded shank) for polishing after fine finishing (for example with Dura-White stones)


  • Contouring and polishing in just one step
  • Precise concentricity
  • Efficient use
  • Low heat generation