EyeSpecial C-IV

EyeSpecial C-IV

The dental camera: more speed – more precision – more versatility

The fourth generation of the EyeSpecial dental camera meets specific user requests, e.g. for easy menu navigation and comfortable operation, and features even more speed, precision and versatility. The close-up view now provides much more information on shade, surface and other tooth characteristics. The new attachable cross polarizer (optional) offers users a glare-free view of the variable play of colours in natural teeth.

The EyeSpecial C-IV dental camera is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology; it is characterised by a short learning curve, reliable operation and suitability for a wide range of indications.

The delivery includes the camera plus:

  • Close-up lens (49 mm) from Kenko
  • Lens cap
  • Hand strap
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 16 GB SDHC memory card
  • SHOFU gray card
  • Instructions


  • Fast, intuitive menu navigation
  • Brilliant display
  • Nine shooting modes
  • Video feature
  • One-handed operation, even with medical gloves
  • Disinfectability in accordance with current hygiene guidelines
  • Optional attachable cross polarizer

Compact and comfortable
This ultralight high-performance camera can easily be held with one hand, freeing the other to hold a cheek retractor or a mirror. It does not require any “heavyweight” accessories, like external flashes or interchangeable lenses. Equipped with everything you need, the EyeSpecial C-IV allows you to take informative and professional dental photographs.

Cross polarized photography for glare-free assessment
With the cross polarizer attached, the EyeSpecial C-IV allows you to look inside a tooth: Chroma, internal light effects and individual tooth characteristics are visualised without being distorted by light reflections occurring on the enamel surface. Shade and colour effects of hard and soft tissues can also be assessed more accurately when using the cross polarizer.

Close-up lens for more detail
The EyeSpecial C-IV features an optical zoom for magnification rates of up to 1.4:1. If you wish to capture more detail, you can use the tele macro mode in combination with the high-quality close-up lens by Kenko for magnification rates of up to 2:1. This mode easily creates excellent images of the smallest anatomical details.

It goes without saying that dental teams have to work hygienically. The EyeSpecial C-IV meets all requirements of modern hygiene practices. Thanks to its „smooth“ design, the camera is easily and quickly disinfected after each use and ready for the next patient.

Additional advantages for ease of use: The free SureFile photo management software helps to efficiently file patient images, and a special ID management function creates a unique ID for each patient. Here you can download the SureFile photo management software.


EyeSpecial C-IV
EyeSpecial C-IV - User’s Manual (Benutzerhandbuch)
EyeSpecial C-IV - Advanced Manual (Handbuch für Fortgeschrittene)
EyeSpecial C-IV - Quick Reference (Kurzbedienungsanleitung)
EyeSpecial C-IV - Important Safety Instructions (Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise)
EyeSpecial C-IV - SHOFU Cross Polarizer


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